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4 min readFeb 12, 2021

A sudden and surprising shift in the advertising method from traditional to digital resulted in saving a lot of time and effort of the marketers. In a world with billions of people, almost 6 million advertisers prefer Facebook for advertising and promoting their brand. As Facebook is one of the most renowned platforms for targeting audiences, advertising over this medium can attract traffic to your website.

But, there are many freshers unknown from the methods of advertising on such social media platforms. So, for these beginners, Facebook introduced a peculiar e-learning course called Facebook Blueprint Certification.

The campaign course will take participants on a journey through how to successfully use Facebook to drive business outcomes in five key areas:

  1. Ad Formats and Measurement
  2. Measuring Demand Response
  3. Measuring Audience: State-of-the-Art Methods for Collecting Data
  4. Measuring Customer Experience: How to Understand Customer Behavior Using AI
  5. Measuring Campaign Success: Why It Is Important to Measure Within a Call to Action


The course offers the means and process of advertising over different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger from scratch. The best part is, the program is entirely free of cost, where users can grab the opportunity to learn various techniques of promoting any brand/product. A learner can go through the reading material, which goes on from five minutes to a maximum of fifty minutes.

The next thing the trainee gets is the online study material. It helps the users to train themselves in the field of digital marketing for six months. At last, comes a test to check the performance of the learners to date. Since there are ninety courses available on the Facebook Certification portal, so, we are mentioning some of the top programs in brief:

1. EXAM 100–101: Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate:

This course is quite suitable for beginners entering the Digital Marketing field. The trainee must take a test to check their proficiency and skills in this course. After clearing the test, the user is eligible to get the training to create ads and publish them on Facebook.

2. EXAM 200–101: Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional:

The test clearers get the opportunity to gain expertise in the field of monitoring and analyzing marketing data. The trainee learns to assess the present data, keys to create KPIs, and test advertising on social media platforms. The course is a significant choice for examining marketing science.

3. EXAM 300–101: Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional:

the-practical-guide-to-facebook blueprint

The text examines the strategies of designing ads for the campaign. The course is quite helpful for users trying to develop creative skills and insights for advertising. Since mobile ads are one of the most trending advertising techniques, the program helps the trainee drive traffic to their website.

4. EXAM 410–101: Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional:

The course examines the candidate for buying and advertising policies on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. The reason behind this is, advertising over any social media platform depends upon the promotional skills of the individual.

5. EXAM 400–101: Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional:

It is one of the best courses to measure the capability of designing and developing the marketing strategies for promoting their brand on Facebook. The certificate gets the training of social media marketing that help the trainee for marketing online.


The Facebook Blueprint Certification costs $150 for every candidate to appear in the test. It is a one-time investment valid for one year, which allows the user to either reappear for the test or take a short 2-hour crash course to re-apply in the exam.


The trainee gets the certificate only after appearing in the exam because attending webinars and training isn’t sufficient to get the certification. A trainee is eligible to get the certification once he/she scores 700 points out of 1000. The user scoring above 700 points gets the certificate immediately.


This certification course is quite helpful for today’s entrepreneurs trying to step into the social media industry as an advertising platform for their business. It is worthy enough to reach your business into successful heights.


We hope that our readers understood the meaning and importance of the Facebook Blueprint Certification Course in their advertising careers.



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