Why Your Business Needs to Consider Facebook Best Practices

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5 min readApr 22, 2021

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, which offers a lot of marketing opportunities for businesses looking to expand their reach. Did you know that the average internet users spend an average of 50 minutes per day on Facebook? With so much time spent on a single social media platform, your company needs to increase its chances of reaching its target audience by adhering to Facebook’s best practices.

When Facebook updated its algorithm, the probability of your content seen by all of your followers decreased dramatically. Facebook places the popular content at the top of users’ feeds on purpose. Your goal should not be to outsmart the system but to improve your chances of getting into those exclusive feeds.

Facebook has taken these steps on purpose in order to prioritize posts that are more relevant to users. As a marketer, your goal is not to beat the algorithm but also to build a relationship with your audience in order to increase your chances of being featured in Facebook’s exclusive feeds.

Here, we’ll show you the best Facebook posting practices that can help you increase audience interaction and achieve your marketing objectives.

But before that, I’ll share short or basic knowledge regarding Why it is essential to follow Facebook Best Practices.

Why Should You follow Facebook’s Best Practices?

It’s critical to follow Facebook’s best practices as part of your overall social media strategy. However, it’s crucial not to rely solely on the best posting times or high-quality content. Instead, concentrate on your plans, which you can do by first determining your end goal. Here, we’ll show you the best Facebook posting practices that can help you increase audience interaction and achieve your marketing objectives.

Sun Tan City wanted to increase its Facebook followers and impressions while also managing over 500 incoming messages each day. They recognized an opportunity to expand by utilizing social collaboration tools to respond to incoming messages more quickly and effectively.

This is why we’re here: to provide you with unique Facebook marketing ideas. With that in mind, here are our six basic FB best practices for Facebook postings that can help you reach your marketing objectives by increasing audience interaction.

1. Know Who You’re Trying to Reach

It’d be nearly impossible for a creator to create engaging content for an audience they’ve never met. In this case, conducting some preliminary research can assist you in gaining a general understanding of your target audience. You’ll be able to learn more about the demographics of the audience who might be interested in your business, and you’ll be able to target them to increase the number of people who see your posts. Fortunately, Facebook’s audience insights tools integrated into the Ad manager. You can also use a powerful ad intelligence tool like PowerAdSpy to analyze your target audience’s interests. PowerAdSpy allows you to look at the most effective ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube, among others.

2. Post Frequently and Appropriately

For each network, your overall posting frequency and subject matter may differ. Facebook is no exception, and the social media platform thrives on brevity. Here are some more posting habits suggestions:

  • At the Very Least Twice a Day.
  • Afternoon or Early Evening Posting.
  • Stay current by using trending topics or hashtags.
  • When at all possible, include images.
  • Always publish the best content possible.

3. Customers should be highlighted and engaged.

It’s risky to ignore your potential and current customers on Facebook. Make a point of highlighting your best customers and responding to any questions they may have.

Here are some points that leave their customers waiting on social media.

  • If we ignore customers on social media, one-third of them will go to a competitor.
  • Brands ignore 89 percent of social media messages.
  • For customer service, 34.5 percent of users say social media is the best option.

Ignoring communication opportunities can have a negative impact on your social media traffic and, as a result, your bottom line. You’ll never miss a message directed to your brand again if you integrate with Facebook management tools–no matter how many platforms you manage.

4. Know your Facebook analytics at all times.

The meat and potatoes of your Facebook marketing strategy are Facebook analytics. The following are some of the most important metrics to keep track of:


The total number of times your Page’s content has been seen in a News Feed, ticker, or by visitors to your Page.

Post Engagements:

The total number of people who have commented, shared or reacted to your posts.

Link Clicks:

The total number of times your content’s links clicked (excludes other clicks such as photo, video, or post-expansion clicks).

6.Make Video Content That Will Work For You

video creation

We’ve seen that videos have a high impact than still images. And video content has grown in popularity on Facebook in recent years. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stated that video will be the most consumed content in the future. And, in comparison to images, audience engagement with video content has risen steadily in recent years. Many brands and influencers are capitalizing on a burgeoning content stream. And they are anticipating excellent results in terms of business expansion. In fact, according to our research, video content has a 135 percent higher chance of being converted. If you want to see a quick increase in sales, you should concentrate your Facebook marketing efforts on video creation.

So, before wrapping up this article, we are sharing an effective video for analyzing your target audience’s interests by using Poweradspy.

To watch the video, click here:

Time to wrap it up

So, there you have it: some FB best practices that could help you improve audience engagement this year. It will be easier for you to work in the right direction to achieve success if you have the information at your disposal. You can track your competitors’ Facebook campaigns using the PowerAdSpy Ad intelligence tool.

I hope this article helped you regarding Facebook best practices to achieve great success for your brand or business.



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