Why Your Business Needs to Consider Facebook Best Practices

Why Should You follow Facebook’s Best Practices?

1. Know Who You’re Trying to Reach

2. Post Frequently and Appropriately

  • At the Very Least Twice a Day.
  • Afternoon or Early Evening Posting.
  • Stay current by using trending topics or hashtags.
  • When at all possible, include images.
  • Always publish the best content possible.

3. Customers should be highlighted and engaged.

  • If we ignore customers on social media, one-third of them will go to a competitor.
  • Brands ignore 89 percent of social media messages.
  • For customer service, 34.5 percent of users say social media is the best option.

4. Know your Facebook analytics at all times.

6.Make Video Content That Will Work For You

video creation

Time to wrap it up



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