Tricky Ad Campaign Ideas For Advertisers

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4 min readJun 20, 2022

Advertisements are an essential part of spreading awareness about any product or service. This technique came up in the past when marketers used to promote their business via radio, television, and newspapers. But, in this era, everything has been modernized. Advertisers can promote their business online on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Speaking of advertising, encouraging the brands is one of the most significant parts of a business. The most peculiar objectives of hosting eye-catching ad campaigns are:

  • For introducing a new product
  • To grab more customers
  • Spread brand awareness
  • Generating leads for your brand
  • Boosting the sales, etc.

But, some marketers are unaware of the most tricky ad campaign ideas, and so we are mentioning the same:

Setting Lead Magnet:


The leads you generate for your business are the most crucial step towards success. The viewers always look for a way to contact the marketer for feedback, suggestions, or placing orders. Adding a link to your ad’s description will help you set a lead magnet for your brand. You can even mention a space for the viewers to add their email addresses to get more leads.

Host Contests:

Contests are quite entertaining and engaging at the same time. So, as a part of user-generated content, you can host interesting content and announce rewards for your audience. It will automatically boost the engagement for your website and show how attentively you manage your ads.

Add Special Offers:

Add Special Offers

Creating unmeaningful and promotional ads won’t leave a good impression on the viewers. As a matter of fact, you can add special offers to increase the sales. The design adds where you can mention some appealing offers that the audience can’t resist to lose it. Doing so will definitely increase the sales, and you will be able to generate more profits.

Promote Your Product:

Instead of always talking about your brand, try promoting the products in your advertisements. It’s one of the best ad campaign ideas for implementing to grab traffic for your website. You can even live stream for your audience and add the benefits they get from the product.

Now, let’s have a look at some ad campaign examples to understand better:

Nike: Just Do It:

The world’s best sports brand, Nike’s sales went beyond $800 million dollars after they campaigned on radio, television, and the internet. The ‘Just Do It’ slogan looked short and sleek, but it stole the sight of the audience, which is quite impressive.


We all love Starbucks. The way they created their ads has quite drooled. In their ad campaign example, they displayed different combinations of coffee drinks to prepare instant coffee. It encouraged the viewers enough to click and purchase it.


Are you an animal lover? Well, Chewy is for all animal lovers. The business creates ads for all the pet parents to attract users to buy their products. Their ad features a video ad and entertains the audience by delivering essential information to the audience.


HydroFlask generates PPC ads for their brand. They promote their insulated water bottles to grab the audience’s attention. The PPC ad shows numerous information, and they even added site link extensions to divert the audience towards their website.


Hello Fresh

HelloFresh is a fresh-meal service which prefers email advertising for promoting their business. They mail a unique code to their audience and render 16 free meals to them once they sign up. No wonder their advertising technique is totally eye-catching and can reluctantly spread awareness about their service.

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Mesmerizing Words:

Ads are a significant process to attract an audience for your brand and generate leads to boost sales. So, we mentioned some eye-catching ad campaign ideas and hope our readers found it informative enough to implement these while advertising for their brand.



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