Top 07 Marketing Ideas To Make Your Black Friday Ads Rock This 2020

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6 min readNov 21, 2020

Two of the greatest shopping and marketing days for retailers online are soon approaching your way! Yes, you guessed it right: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Well, as a businessman, these two super exciting days play a vital role in boosting sales.

And this article is completely focused on helping marketers get the best marketing ideas this Thanksgiving day. Basically, we will be focusing on how to join the Black Friday 2020 craze and make some extra money online.

Hence these 07 unique Black Friday Ads marketing ideas are specially designed to drive more sales and traffic during the largest shopping season of the year. Marketers can quickly start implementing these ideas so that their business is all ready to grab newer and satisfied customers this year online.

But before that, let us know what actually this Thanksgiving day is all about.


The day after American Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Well, this marks the beginning of customers’ Christmas holiday shopping season, i.e. retailers advertise their shops extensively and mark prices down to attract consumers to purchase items both online and offline.

A four-day shopping festival ends on Cyber Monday has become what began as a one-day event. With the deals aimed at online customers, Cyber Monday is basically the same that falls on Monday after Black Friday.

For the past few years, the one-day mega sale has turned into almost a month of discounts and deals. And this Black Friday, the coronavirus pandemic is expected to make more individuals shop online.

Basically, the prices become discounted for four days. Businesses offer different Black Friday deals and discounts for the customers. For example, if you own a shopping website, then you can offer 50% off on all the products, while outsourcing Buy 01 Get 01 Free offer on Saturday, 30% off on sweaters, since winter is coming on your way, and 50% off on all online purchases on Monday.

For these four days, there are no rules! That means marketers have the freedom to do their Black Friday marketing how they want.


Who doesn’t want to make a profit? Everyone, right! And that’s what Black Friday promises to not only marketers but to the customers too. While marketers start planning their biggest marketing strategy by creating unique Black Friday Ads, customers, on the other hand, look for the best offers that could fit their budget.

So on this Thanksgiving day, in order to grasp more attention from the public, marketers tend to offer special yet bumper offers/deals or discounts on their products and services. Black Friday has actually become a digital-focused day for marketers to encourage the public and their audiences shop for more.


To create successful campaigns for Black Friday ads, 2020 marketers need to think out of the context that can quickly seize the publics’ attention from the crowd. A solid deal for ad campaigns will keep your business or brand on the top of the customer’s mind during the whole shopping season.

1. Deal For A Golden Hour

If you really want to get more traffic to your website, then it is crucial to create hourly deals that could boost the subscribers to spend more on the surprising offers/deals. Not only this, but hourly deals also help customers to come back to your website for more.

In addition to Deal of the Hour, it helps to deliver Black Friday offers on all things. If you give 40% off on any particular product, for example, then your Deal of the Hour should be 50% off or higher, extra discounts on unique products or items, or other sales combinations. For each hour that you have a contract, don’t forget to create an eye-catchy homepage banner.

2. Create A Gift Guide

During the holiday season, Gift Guides allow clients (especially first-time clients buying gifts for friends) to find you. Not only does a Gift Guide illustrate your items or offers, but it also gives novices shopping for gifts a sense of direction. For example, Crossfit Gift for her, Crossfit gift for him, etc.

3. Surprise Gift On Every Purchase

For shoppers, giving a free gift is a superb Black Friday sales deal. Like with PowerAdSpy, you can get straight 50% off on all yearly plans. Similarly, with each order, you can give every client who orders something during Black Friday and Cyber Monday a gift or some surprising discount. Things that perform best have affordable or free delivery for this.

4. Try To Extend Your Sale From Black Friday To Cyber Monday

Extending the big bang sale is a successful Black Friday marketing or Black Friday Ads campaign concept that has become far more popular. For marketers to have their highest profits, Black Friday used to be the leading day, but now the money continues to roll in until Cyber Monday. As a consequence, the majority of e-commerce vendors spread their profits for the entire four days.

You’ll be able to win more clients and profits by expanding your sales. You can also start sooner, with an early Black Friday sale, as PowerAdSpy did.

5. Release A Sneak Peek To Your Black Friday Deals

A solid marketing strategy for Black Friday ads 2020 is to make a gif or promotional video of items that will be on sale before the big day, thus referencing their promotion. Remember to allow your social media pages to take a sneak peek. Well, this builds anticipation for your Black Friday sales, getting customers excited for the sale “line up” at your website.

6. Take The Help Of Hashtags

You can take the help of Black Friday based Instagram hashtags in addition to your usual hashtags while running innovative Black Friday promotions. Hashtags like #blackfriday #blackfridayads #cybermonday #sale #blackfridaysale #blackfridaydeals #blackfridayads2020 can definitely add something extra to your campaign. In a nutshell, this will allow you to meet customers who are looking for offers specifically during these days.

7. Direct Mail With A Coupon Code

Coupon codes work wonderfully! Well, internet advertising is much more costly during the holiday shopping season and congested with retailers dramatically growing ad budgets. So, you should give a holiday card to your existing customers if you have built up a customer base. Or you can even enclose a coupon code for every person who is going to shop from your website. Like different companies all across the world are offering various special discounts on this black friday. Similarly, PowerAdSpy is also offering flat 50% off on all yearly pricing plans. Offer valid for limited time only! Check their company official website to know more.


Black Friday is all about spreading happiness to the public by offering the best deals and offers. So, it’s time to look for a better approach and start making your Black Friday ads rock this 2020. Do not wait if you really want the most out of the sales during the year’s biggest retail weekend. To ensure the best return on this big shopping weekend, adopt the strategies that fit your store best. So, good luck!



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