Tips & Tricks To Clear Your Doubts On How To Create a Facebook Survey

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4 min readAug 1, 2020


There are a lot of businesses that take the help of surveys to grab valuable data from their audience. And there is no doubt that surveys help you know your audience in a much better way. Along with it, you even get the chance to seek more comprehensive insights into what actually your audience expects from your brand. Since Facebook is the most used social media platform, marketers prefer it as their priority option whenever it comes to run their ad campaigns. Whether you want to grab more number of customers or want to make your brand reach thousands of people, a comprehensive survey on Facebook can help you a lot with that. Now, the question arises, how to create a Facebook survey successfully?

Well, if you want to set up a successful survey on Facebook or any other platform, then you need to consider some vital points, or you can also say tips that could help you do better. And so what this article is all about!

Here we will be discussing some of the basic guidelines to make sure you create the best ad survey on Facebook.

  • Set a clear goal for your survey

Are you eager to know why your business is not getting enough sales? Or do you want to get enough visitors to your survey? Well, ask yourself what you want! Because if you desire to set up a successful survey, then you will have to be clear about your goals and objectives. Getting clear about your aim will not only help you plan out a better outline, but you will also be able to target the right number of audiences.

  • Let it be as short as possible!

Well, you have to keep your focus on what really matters to you! What sort of data you need to do an argument, change any product, target ads or launch your campaign? Keep in mind that your survey respondents don’t really care what’s important to you or your business! They bother about how easily they can complete the survey. So, make it shorter but to the point.

  • Become a bit serious about your questions

Remember, your questions will help you reach your goal! So think carefully about them, and try to collect additional information from looking at other surveys, before finalizing yours. Given below are some of the key points that will help you create the perfect set of questions for your survey!

  1. Ask only a particular thing
  2. Be accurate and obvious
  3. Align your questions with your goal
  • Define your target audience

Whether it is differentiating between employees and customers, or restricting down the participants with the help of demographics, it is crucial that you clearly define who you are going to be surveying. And yes, keeping your goal in mind will help you exaggerate the appropriate group.

Mostly, you should survey audiences who have bought any of your products to get an idea about what they loved about your product and what inspired them to buy it. You will also be able to reach out to those customers who have not purchased any of your products yet, to get feedback on why they didn’t make a buy. Yes, the questions you will ask these two kinds of audiences will be different! That is why it is vital to define your target audiences.


Finally, we are done with tips to consider while getting with a survey on Facebook. So, if you are all set to creating your first ad campaign on Facebook and ready to launch your survey, then make sure to keep these points in mind. Anyways, this article has come up with everything that might clear your doubt on how to create a Facebook survey.



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