The Best Tool To Find Competitor Facebook Ads In 2021

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4 min readFeb 5, 2021


Wondering how to see Facebook Ads From Competitors? Want to know more about their ad strategy?

As we all know, brands spy on their competitors’ ads whether they have a small business or a well-established business and the reason behind it is to create more appealing ads for their products and services by checking the hype that is trending on Facebook.

But, when it comes to competition, you should be well aware of your competitors before analyzing the competitor’s Facebook ad campaigns.

Competitor research plays a major role in marketing. When you are considering a social media platform like Facebook, it is a bit different as compared to other marketing platforms.

Here is a useful source with simple tactics to learn more and uncover your competitors Facebook ad strategy.

Steps To See Facebook Ads From Competitors:

Step-1: Pick a specific brand, go through the Facebook Business page of that particular brand.

Step-2: After that, proceed to the Page Transparency section.

Step-3: Select the “See More” option & check out the related ads in the Ads Section.

Besides all, the ultimate way is, select directly Facebook’s Ad Library that provides an easy and better way of listing the active ad campaigns for the brands.

Tools To Find Competitors Facebook Ads:

Here we are showing a quick overview of various tools that will help the companies to find their competitor’s ads.


After trying almost all the tools to hit the buzz, we have landed on one of the most popular tools- PowerAdSpy. It is an advertisement intelligence tool that will help the brands to display and identify related ads according to the keyword search. Thus the brands can bookmark the ads they like the most.

PowerAdSpy enables brands to search for various ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google as well.


This tool provides relevant ads for the brands. Hence they can search for the ads of their interest on the same platform. Recently, they cover more than thousands of ads with different keywords. Overall we can consider it as a tool that includes almost every ad that brands look forward to see Facebook ads from competitors.

AdLeap Software:

It is a free ad spying tool that most industries prefer to pick out because this tool does almost all jobs without an extra expense. However, those spying tools are available for free, which might miss out on some of the most significant features required for the brands while spying on competitors’ ads. This AdLeap tool assists the brands to identify and recognize the trending ads on Facebook.

AdSwiper’s Facebook Ad Spy Tool:

This tool is for saving the time that the brands spend frequently on checking out every other ad. AdSwiper’s Facebook ad spy tool is available for both free and advanced versions. Thus, if any brand wants more flexibility in finding competitors’ ad then they can opt for the advanced subscription. It provides various filters that allow searching ads on it and creates a separate folder for the ad that user’s like. AdSwiper’s Facebook ad spy tool encourages you to get the top-performing ads by checking the comments, likes, and shares on Facebook.

Swiped. Co:

This Swiped.Co tool has a library of ad examples which make trends on Facebook and also has a swipe file for each ad. It has almost about 481 ad categories tagged modernly.

It provides various platforms to gather creative ad ideas for the brands.


This tool has a collection of more than millions of ad formats. So the advertisers can check for the ads that have a positive remark and reach their interest in such a huge collection.

Adsova has no free version available. The brands have to go through the advance subscription to grab their benefits.

Wapping up:

If you have a small business with a limited ad budget, using all these tactics and tools above, you can find and see Facebook ads from competitors, which will get you the best one from the lot and enhance your profitability through these empowered tools.

I hope this article will be much effective for a better ad campaign to take your business to another level of success.



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