Secrets to Influencing Facebook Ads For E-commerce

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4 min readJan 29, 2021

The social media platform is one of the best for online marketing, but several techniques to use social media are changing and developing more as time changes.

If someone promotes an e-commerce site, they must have implemented marketing strategies to receive more sales for their brand. But it is frustrating when you do your best to create an online store with an attractive design and it’s not getting a good reach from your target audience.

Things people look for through online marketing is -

  • More traffic on e-commerce sites.
  • Conversions to approach the sales target.
  • Gain customers rather than accidental visitors.

Now we have the knowledge about what we need to make more sales.

To overcome the problem of not getting sales is to make use of Facebook ads. Approx 2.6 billion active customers are using Facebook, which means Facebook is the biggest platform for getting more and better exposure for your business.

This article will help you know the details about why we use Facebook ads for e-commerce and some of the best strategies to increase your sales rate.

The Reason Why We Use Facebook Ads For E-commerce?

Facebook provides better reach to your audience as compared to other platforms of social media. The essential part is to help reach your exact target audience to channel them at every stage to promote sales progress for any e-commerce brand.

Your target audience based on location, gender, and different factors Facebook helps to achieve them.

Here are some of the listed strategies to increase your sales.

1. Make use of compelling product ads


If your ad is attractive or dynamic will have a great chance to get the highest ROI for the business. Basically, it will be an outstanding opportunity to grasp customers who did not or stopped viewing your store by showing related ads.

I think you are getting confused!

Don’t worry,

Let’s get straight into it.

Focus on the below-mentioned points to remember while creating dynamic ads on Facebook:

  • Upload a full product list that includes the image, price, name of your product.
  • Make simple product ads.
  • Add a customized customer pixel to your websites.
  • Setting up a compelling template.

2. Try to make use of multiple product ads

Facebook marketing provides us with an opportunity to create multiple ads that users can use to showcase multiple products for one advertisement at a time. You can also make use of clickable links or CTA on every image you post.

The benefits of using multiple ads are:

  • Provide a large number of options to your customer from which they make the selection.
  • It helps to show several advantages for single products.
  • It helps to boost your conversions.

3. Make use of video ads

If you want to run Facebook ads for an e-commerce business, then visuals tend to get higher engagement as an ad or post. So, make sure of using video ads in your Facebook marketing approach. And this process can be done manually or you can use the Facebook ad spy tool to ease your work.

Some tips for making use of video in your advertisements:

  • The video should be eye-catchy, to the point, and short.
  • Add niche related keywords in your video.
  • Make use of CTA at the right time.
  • The story/message you want to convey to your customer should be easy for them to understand with or without audio.
  • The title should be attractive and easy to understand by your customers.

Sharing your best good blog posts:

Sharing your good and attractive blog post on the sites can help increase mare sales on your website. Catchy headlines, images, or putting the exact details about the products/services help to reach your targeted audience and traffic to your sites.

Wrapping up

Now, do you find Facebook Ads for e-commerce sites interesting? Ready to use Facebook in your online marketing? Ready to make your very first store online? I think yours finds it attractive and even excited to start with your e-commerce sites.

I hope this article has helped you a lot with short knowledge about why we use e-commerce sites and some strategies to make more sales on your traffics.



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