Native Ads: 5 Ad Formats You Should Know

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4 min readSep 15, 2022


Advertising is of different types, and its criteria depend upon the marketer’s expectations of their audience and brand. Some ads are organic, while some come under paid. To add on: organic ads help you grab more traffic without charging you any money, while paid ads require some money investment to get a certain amount of engagement in your ads.

Today, we will discuss one of the best-paid ad types: Native ads.

To have a clear understanding, let’s begin with:

What Are Native Ads?

Native advertising is a format of sponsored content that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. Only the publishers can access these ads. There’s no role for marketers in native advertising. With this form of advertising, generating leads for your business is challenging yet beneficial at the same time.

Now, let’s have a quick peek at the best native ad formats:

Search Engine:

Search Engine

One of the best pages on the web, the search engine is one of the trending and professional ways of native advertising. Every Google user is aware of the sponsored pages on the top-right-hand side of the search results. Search engine marketing is yet the best way for location-based targeting, and it’s quite beneficial for marketers.

Social Media:

When we surf social media, we see a plethora of content, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, etc. Some posts are regular, while few show a ‘Promoted’ tag on social media posts. Native advertising uses social media marketing as one of the best mediums to help advertisers grab more traffic for the website.



You may have noticed some content pop-ups on different blogs and landing pages with an appealing image and a headline. Right? It is also a native ad format called Real Time Bidding (RTB). It guides digital marketers to use various targeting ads to serve relevant ads on pre-approved websites. The click-through rates engagement rate increases up to 10x higher than banner ads.

Recommended Content:

One of the major differences between in-feed native ads and recommended content is web page placement. While you surf Google, you may have seen some recommended content on the browser’s home page. It is an advertising format that looks similar to the background and has the same form & function.

Publisher Produced:


This manual native advertising technique is also referred to as ‘branded content.’ Such ad formats are well-labeled, entertaining, informative, and easy to understand at the same time. So, this manual technique can be a great initiative by marketers.

Now, let’s have a quick peek at some tips to implement in native advertising:

The Brand Name:

Consumers love collaborating with brands and knowing more about their products and services. So, to grab more audience for your business via native advertising, don’t forget to use the brand name.

Add A CTA:

Once you have designed engaging content for your ad campaign, you can add CTA buttons. It will be icing on the cake to help the audience get more sources to connect with your brand.

The Goal:

When you design native advertising campaigns, your goals should be clear as crystal. The structure, nature, and keywords depend on the expectation you demand from the native ad campaign. So, be clear with your objectives.

Catchy Headline:

Catchy Headline

Headlines are the first impression when a user checks on any article, image, or ad. The headline you draft should be clear, concise, and as per your niche. You can add questionable headlines to create more curiosity.

Images Are Important:

The images play a significant role when you are on edge to promote your business. Images should be in HD, and their relevancy matters. So, instead of wasting your images, add appealing pictures to make your content attractive.

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Wrapping Up:

We hope the readers understand the most trending native ads formats, and we even mentioned some quirky tips to create the best ads for your brand.



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