Most Exclusive Targeting Tools For Facebook Marketers

Social Media Analytics:

Social Media Analytics

Website Analytics:



Automation Tools:

Automation Tools

#1 PowerAdSpy:

  • Filter By Ad Positions
  • Complete visibility
  • Data Of Millions Of Ads From 15+ Countries
  • Narrow Down Your Searches
  • Bookmark The Best Ads
  • Powerful Search Algorithm
  • Engagement Oriented Details
  • Combination of Videos and Image Ads

#2 AdEspresso:

  • Create Campaigns
  • Analyze Your Campaigns
  • PDF Reporting
  • Dynamic Product Ads
  • Automatic Page Post Promotion
  • Asset Manager
  • Campaign Approvals

#3 Hootsuite:

  • Advertise Organic Content
  • Share & Schedule Posts
  • Monitor Your Competitors
  • Social media analytics
  • Plan Upcoming Campaigns

#4 Driftrock:

  • Lead Capture
  • Audience Sync
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Lead Gen Dashboard
  • Create 20+ Lead Sources
  • Custom Audience Automation

The Final Verdict:



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