How To Verify Facebook Page | A Quickstart Guide

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4 min readNov 12, 2020

Each Facebook user craves for the little blue tick beside their profile name. This checkmark is evidence that a profile belongs to a public figure, and it has gained enough popularity to get verified.

And, when it comes to business, the same little badge brings a lot of perks by marking the page look more authoritative and virtuous. That’s the ultimate reason why every business and users try their best to complete the verification process successfully.

Here, let’s discuss, how to verify Facebook page’ in some quick and simple steps.

What’s The Reason For Verification?

Users invest a good chunk of time and effort in acquiring social proofs over their different social networking sites, especially on Facebook (when they hold a business page). The moment audiences see this blue badge next to someones’ name or business name, they then realize that dealing with this business is undoubtedly a worthwhile deal.

Very few people know that verified profiles also come up with some unique upsides, including a higher rank over search engine results. Altogether, ‘verification’ embraces excellent benefits.

Understanding Grey And Blue Ticks On Facebook?

You might have noticed that Facebook gives two types of badge to its users, which is grey and blue. Let’s know about both:

Blue Checkmark:

Blue badge confirms the reliability, fame, and overwhelming fame of Facebook profiles. Accounts with this colour of checkmark fall in the category of ‘public figures’. Both the business and personal profile are eligible for this type of verification.

Grey Check Mark:

Grey tick is location-oriented. That means a grey tick confirms a particular geographical location for any business so that people no longer find it skeptical visiting there.

In a nutshell, all these two checkmarks have somewhat similar qualities, and both works to boost up the status of the accounts (business or person).

Who Can Get Verified?

Verification on Facebook is not so easy as it seems. Just to know that Facebook has billions of active accounts, but only a few among them are eligible to earn the credibility badge, that is a blue tick. Small businesses, video creators, media workers, celebrities, and alike figures can easily get verified when compared to a genuine account even if it has a bulk of followers. As a consequence, personal profiles struggle a lot.

Now, How To Verify Your Facebook Page?

Make sure your page meets the entire demand of ‘top’ accounts. Spend enough time checking our best pages in your niche and fetch some ideas to recreate those for your business page. Though Facebook doesn’t set complicated criteria, it’s always useful to keep up-to-date information over the page, which includes :

  • A responsive website
  • Full contact information
  • Attractive “About” in a descriptive way.
  • Loads of native content

To begin the verification procedure, visit the original page. Move to page settings, and select ‘General’ from there. It shows the information in which you get to know if your page qualifies for verification or not.

If yes, then there are two options:-

  • Quick Verification
  • Lengthy Verification

The first one consists of a small process, where the Facebook team gives a quick call to the registered number and provides a verification code. Once entering this code, pages will get a grey badge, and eventually a blue badge (perhaps).

Another method requires uploading legal documents related to your business, such as license, certification of registration, taxation files, and so on. It might take time because Facebook verifies these documents manually before bringing a fair decision.

How Long Facebook Makes Users Wait?

The duration of verification relies on various factors. Page type, the workload of the Facebook team, and also followers count. Unless you are a celebrity, Facebook is all set to test your patience.

On average, Facebook takes 48 hours to 45 days to give badges. As said earlier, a blue checkmark is supposed to keep folks waiting too long than grey. In some rare cases, Facebook can also reject the request if your FB page seems unrealistic.

Final Conclusion

Businesses put an ample amount of effort into getting their pages verified as early as possible. We believe that our article has adequate information to serve a more profound answer on- how to verify Facebook Page. So, start drawing up plans from today onwards.



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