How To Target Your Competitors’ Facebook Audience?

Ways to find competitor Facebook Ads?

Get the Facebook business page of the competitor:

Open Facebook ad library to view the ads:

Create Facebook ad swipe file:

Find competitor using the ‘Info and Ads’ tool:

Optimize traffic sources of competitor’s social media:

Target people(who like the competitor’s Facebook page):

Now, let’s discuss some alternatives to find facebook ads of competitors.

Tools to win competitor Facebook ads:

  • PowerAdSpy: It is an ad intelligence software or tool where you can run any social media platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and native ads, to get advantage for any business at an early stage. In other words, it is a powerful social advertising tool with easy to use features, and helps to find competitor Facebook ads.
  • AdEspresso: The software not only deals with creating the best ads, but also finds the most relevant ones to know more about your competitor advertising strategies.
  • BigSpy: BigSpy is one of the most renowned advertising tools that helps the advertisers to create and publish the most trending ads to attract traffic and spread awareness about their product.



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