How To Target Your Competitors’ Facebook Audience?

As we all know, Facebook is a widely used social networking platform, used equally for personal and professional purposes. For businesses, Facebook ads can generate quality leads, sales, and convert them later into loyal customers. The platform comes up with various ad formats, interesting algorithms, targeting options, and a lot of other benefits.

Are you also trying to build up your brand awareness on Facebook?

If so, then the most straightforward ways are here to gain the potential audience & promote your business more effectively.

First of all, you need to find competitor Facebook ads. By doing so, you will get to know about their advertising strategies, how frequently they interact with audiences, their creativity, and the approach they use to target the audience. Apart from that, you can also know When they go LIVE, and in which form of ads they focus more.

But before that, let’s discuss how to get relevant ads from competitor’s Facebook ads?

If there is any way? Let’s see.

Ways to find competitor Facebook Ads?

Following are some steps that will direct you to get into this.

Get the Facebook business page of the competitor:

Find interesting brand names then move to Facebook search and open the brand’s business page. This is the most significant part of the search, where you can get to know more about social media activities that are going on with the brands.

Open Facebook ad library to view the ads:

Ad library includes a lot of data/information regarding active and inactive ads as well. The ads that are running for three months are basically active ads, and the ones running from before three months are inactive ads. In the top left corner, you can find the number of advertisements on the page running to date.

If you follow this, you can also view the ads on various social media platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and your newsfeed as well.

After getting the competitor’s ad, it’s important to analyze and get influenced for the next Facebook ad campaign.

Let’s dig a little more to see how to search for Facebook ad campaigns of competitors.

Create Facebook ad swipe file:

You need to create a Facebook ad swipe file to collect data/information about the competitor ads. Through this, you can get acquainted with their strategy & get the best ideas for the next ad campaign with advanced quality content, which will improve the Facebook marketing strategies for your brand.

Find competitor using the ‘Info and Ads’ tool:

This option is easily available while opening the competitor’s profile page. Through this “Info and Ads” tool, you can find sufficient information about them for the time.

Optimize traffic sources of competitor’s social media:

With the optimization of traffic sources on social media, you can get a concise idea about a competitor’s marketing strategy, which will help to drive more traffic to your website.

Target people(who like the competitor’s Facebook page):

Through social media platforms like Facebook, you can target more number of audience who like the competitor’s business page. And that ultimately leads to attracting the audience from a big company if you have a small business.

Now, let’s discuss some alternatives to find facebook ads of competitors.

Tools to win competitor Facebook ads:

The following are some available tools to get Facebook ads that might reach your interest, other than the Facebook ad library. Like:

  • PowerAdSpy: It is an ad intelligence software or tool where you can run any social media platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and native ads, to get advantage for any business at an early stage. In other words, it is a powerful social advertising tool with easy to use features, and helps to find competitor Facebook ads.
  • AdEspresso: The software not only deals with creating the best ads, but also finds the most relevant ones to know more about your competitor advertising strategies.
  • BigSpy: BigSpy is one of the most renowned advertising tools that helps the advertisers to create and publish the most trending ads to attract traffic and spread awareness about their product.

Final words:

As a beginner in small business, it won’t be so easy to drive more traffic for the landing page instantly. So it’s best to use the Facebook ad search tool to optimize your advertising strategies.

The best ad spying tool to overcome the blindspot of “find competitor Facebook ads” can be PowerAdSpy, as we have mentioned above.

I hope this article will help you to get competitor Facebook ads to reach more targeted audiences that will take your business to another level.




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