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4 min readMar 5, 2021

Being a fresher in the marketing industry isn’t easy, with 0 knowledge of different strategies to promote their brand. For such beginners, there are “n” number of courses available along with certification to grow their career and become a professional within months. It takes a little effort to register yourself over these sessions and get a certificate just by clearing the exam or finishing the course within time.

These certificates play a crucial role in building your marketing and advertising skills to attract traffic and increase brand awareness. Marketing on Facebook requires tons of experience and creativity for promoting a product and engaging an audience from all over the world.

But, what about freshers in this field?

Don’t worry. Facebook has a solution for this too. They recently introduced Facebook Blueprint Certification courses for the users to learn and get experienced in this field. The social media platform comprises 6 million advertisers, who are entirely engaged in attracting 7.2 billion users on this medium.

The platform is free for every other user willing to grow a career in Facebook marketing. It offers different types of courses based on the specifications or criteria a user wishes to learn. The course duration exceeds 5–50 minutes, depending on the program and the level of difficulty.

The e-learning certification course is for every other user willing to learn the skills of the advertising world. You can personalize your experience in:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Messenger Advertising
  • Ad Buying and Planning
  • Analytics and Reporting


Basically, the certifications classify into 2 categories: Planning Professional and Buying Professional. Let’s understand about them in a little more brief:

  1. PLANNING PROFESSIONAL: To earn a certification in this, you must be a professional planner in hosting ad campaigns for your brand. You are an advance professional if you know about:
  • Maximizing audience impact
  • Optimal reach and engagement
  • Facebook page management
  • Master in Facebook measurement solutions
  • Implementing marketing strategies

2. BUYING PROFESSIONAL: In earning the certificate under this, the candidate must be a professional in creating and buying Facebook ads for their marketing campaigns. Not only this, but some more required skills are:

  • Purchasing Facebook ads
  • Creating and managing Facebook ads
  • Troubleshooting Ads
  • Meeting Facebook Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)
  • Understanding Facebook Pixels
  • Engaging audience to optimize marketing campaigns

The exam lasts for 75 minutes and costs $150/course. You need to score 700 out of 1000 to clear your exams. Once you complete these exams, you get a certification.


The entire study material is available online for the examinees. They get 2-options, either attend the exam from the nearest test center or appear for the home exam. If you opt for the second option, there are some protocols you need to follow, such as:

  • You need to install the software in your system to appear for the test. It will stop all the background apps from running on your computer.
  • You get connected to the test through a webcam.
  • The examinee must show the entire room to the invigilator before you begin.
  • Make sure you cannot cheat in the exam, else you get disqualified.
  • The test includes MCQs(Multiple Choice Questions), and the time limit is 90–105 minutes.


The Facebook Blueprint Certification involves ninety courses at a time. But, let’s discuss a few of them, in brief, to understand it better:

1. EXAM 200–101(Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional):

The learners develop their experience in the science of monitoring and analyzing marketing data. You can examine the overall result and the science behind the marketing field.

2. EXAM 300–101(Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional):

The exam basically tests their creativity skills in composing ads for your campaign. It is quite beneficial for learners to gain expertise in creativity and ad insights in designing the ads.

3. EXAM 500–101(Facebook Certified Marketing Developer):

The users with an IT background or developer field here learn the technical implementation of the marketing plans. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for coders and technical users.


So, after such a significant discussion, we hope our readers understood the importance and benefits of Facebook Blueprint Certification and the reason why it is necessary for the marketers of today’s era.



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