How To Find Competitor Facebook Ads And Uncover Valuable Strategies?

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4 min readDec 18, 2020

Regardless of what type of business you own (whether B2B or B2C business), you are going to face robust competitors. And, we all know that healthy competition leads to a few outstanding advantages such as unveiling productive strategies for businesses.

While everyone is trying to stand out, most of them often overlook the perks of competitor research, which is a significant part of the marketing strategy. Before you proceed to find competitor Facebook ads, make sure to run a quick study of relevant keywords that your competitors are using, their social campaigns, and leading Facebook ads.

Advertising on Facebook is slightly different than other platforms since you can’t expect success from single ad research to get thorough information about what your competitors are doing. Instead, you need to consider overall advertising strategies, not just an ad copy.

Today, we will focus on successful ways to set up entrancing Facebook advertising tips.

Easy Steps To Discover Competitors’ Ads

Check Out New Trends

Numerous tools are available out there that assists brands in identifying popular trends going on among brands.

As we said earlier, a single ad copy or trend can’t tell everything about complete advertising tactics. Thus, if you are about to stick to a particular campaign, then it might turn out to be a waste of time, effort, & money.

Get Help From Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library is bliss for marketers working on a shoe-string budget, which is also a solid alternative to search ads related to your business niche, organization, and get ideas to create engaging ads.

Ad Library on Facebook was established with a motive to bring transparency among advertisers and provide them excellent support in flourishing their brand via Facebook marketing. Ad Library works on a simple yet effective mechanism. It will display entire active ads associated with the campaigns in which you are interested.

On the dark side, marketers keep on complaining about Ad library issues, such as pages not showing ads of renowned brands because those brands do not always get themselves registered for Facebook Ad Library.

Use Prominent Ads Intelligence Tool

Taking advantage of advanced Facebook ad intelligence tools, useful to find competitor Facebook ads, is one of the sure-fire methods to dive deep into your competitors’ ads. Besides ads, such platforms also uncover statistics and data related to search queries users made.

For instance, PowerAdSpy is currently ruling the roost among efficient marketers. Even though there are a lot of reasons behind the overwhelming popularity of this tool, the Chrome extension and fabulous collection of ad data remains on the top. Moreover, companies never miss a chance to announce existing offers from time to time.

Look Out for Other Ad Campaign As Well, Including Facebook

Once you get a perfect answer to the question — How to find competitor ads on Facebook?, move forward to examining ads on other social networking platforms, mainly Google ads. When you closely observe a competitor’s Google ads, then it will give out even more valuable insights that will later prove very accommodating for crafting relevant Facebook ads.

Display ads on Google open in the same vein as it is on Facebook. Advertisers might be missing a big chance by neglecting ads available on other networks. We recommend everyone, from novice marketers to busy marketers, to invest a handful of time in researching the overall ads of a competitor brand.

Trigger Potential Audiences

On Facebook, retargeting is no longer an emerging concept, but almost every marketer uses this terrific approach in order to trigger visitors who are more likely to convert into genuine customers.

Over the last few years, businesses have seen make a sound effort in fetching quality leads through Facebook retargeting.

Retargeting is indeed a process of compiling a comprehensive list of visitors who earlier came to the website and exit without buying anything. It requires less time, money, and energy than finding how to find competitor ads on Facebook from scratch.


Establishing worthwhile and productive policies to find competitor Facebook ads is undoubtedly challenging for a business. However, correct strategies can expel even the most intricate obstacles to ease up further mechanisms.

In this respect, our quick tips will prove helpful for advertising enthusiastic in getting the most out of their Facebook campaigns.



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