How To Draft Appealing Insta Captions?

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4 min readJun 18, 2022

We all are on Instagram, and mostly all of us like to post and share content on Instagram.


Do you know what’s most significant?

Captions! Whether it’s Instagram or any social media platform, captions make the content pretty engaging. It should always be relevant to your content and eye-catching enough to grab the audience’s attention. Even for marketers, drafting a good caption requires some innovation. You cannot just copy the captions from somewhere and paste them on your Instagram feed if you aim to increase engagement on your profile.

You might be thinking about how to form appealing Insta captions for your profile. So, today we will be discussing the same:

The First Sentence:

You might know that Instagram shortens the caption after 3–4 lines, and you should make the most of the first sentence while drafting the caption. Make sure to add details in the first 3 lines so that your relevancy should not get shortened. So, try to be very engaging when you draft your caption.

Question Or CTA Buttons:

Whenever you post any content on Instagram, you have a purpose. You must know what you expect from your audience, like:

  • Visit your website?
  • Shop for a specific product?
  • Share the post with friends?
  • Or shop promotion?

So, if you feel to grab more audience via the platform, you need to maintain your Instagram algorithm. For example, you can mention the following in your Instagram captions:

  • Leave a comment
  • Click the link below
  • Tag your friends
  • Post a photo
  • Add hashtags

Don’t Be A Bot:

The way you craft your caption should be genuine. So, don’t be a bot when writing one. When you are strategic and intentional, you will be able to maintain authenticity, which is a must while writing captions.

Don’t Forget The Hashtags:

Hashtags add a touch to your caption. Since Instagram is one of the most preferred social media platforms, hashtags have been quite trending for Instagrammers. Add relevant and trendy Instagram hashtags to your content to make it look unique. You can also opt for hashtag generators to create your own hashtag.

Emojis & Emojis:


Emojis add a great visual to any content. Similarly, adding these in captions will be quite engaging for your audience. The emojis you add should prove their relevance to the content. So, sprinkle the idea of emoji on your Insta captions to make your content stand out on Instagram.

The Caption Length:

There’s nothing like short or lengthy captions. If your content is about something which requires an explanation, then adding lengthy captions can be an appealing choice. While if your content is sassy, drafting a short and simple caption can grab more engagement on your profile.

Don’t Copy:

Make sure the caption you draft should be unique. Copied Instagram captions may lead to copyright issues and leave a negative impact on your audience. Try to draft captions for your profile which is relevant, non-plagiarised, and eye-catching enough to attract more traffic to your website.

Top 03 Insta Captions Examples:

The Sill:

The Sill has a business of beautiful house plants to maintain your house decor. They display the images of people who decorate their houses with plants. Their method of adding Instagram captions is quite short and slang.

Soko Glam:

Soko Glam specializes in Korean beauty products. On their Instagram profile, they promote their products to grab the audience’s attention. They prefer to draft their captions in the way of storytelling or lengthy captions for their followers.

Adam J. Kurtz:

Adam J. Kurtz is an artist and author who posts eye-catching content with respect to a dark sense of humor. The way of adding an Instagram caption is quite sassy. The artist prefers to add bold and occasionally brassy Instagram captions.

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Wrapping Up:

We hope our readers understand how to draft appealing Insta captions for your posts on Instagram. It will help you engage your audience for your brand without any hassle. Ciao!



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