Here’s How Cadbury Ads Have Been Dominating The Advertising Sector Since Forever!

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4 min readJan 29, 2021


The youth have evolved when it comes to sharing their sentiments and emotions. The way to display affection and care has changed, exactly like the journey of Cadbury Dairy Milk. The Cadbury brothers established it around 1847. Cadbury’s advertisement strategies have always been influential and, sometimes, soul-stirring.

Some of the popular Cadbury ads campaigns are- “Asli swaad zindagi ka” (that won the title of The Campaign Of The Century) and “Kuch meetha ho jaaye?” which provide inspirational insights to which Indians emotionally connect. From 1847 to 2021, Cadbury has been inventing and experimenting to please chocolate lovers worldwide.

Cadbury promotes the emotional and innovative storyline, and not just their product- a chocolate bar. They give you the reason to buy and gift chocolate instead!

What a tactic! Isn’t it?

What Is So Special About The Cadbury Advertisements?

Cadbury ads campaign majorly focuses on conveying emotional and impactful messages through short tales. The reason people mostly feel optimistic when they watch their ads is that Cadbury does not promote their product- the story covers the base in most of their ads. And we get connected subconsciously with the brand name- Cadbury.

With the horrifying pandemic outburst in 2020, stopping us from traveling to different places to meet our loved ones and getting stuck at our homes was tough. It was when Cadbury launched another ad campaign- “Cadbury Thank You,” which symbolizes the affection to express your gratitude to someone by saying thanks. This ad exceeded 150K+ views on YouTube!

The version of Cadbury ad campaigns is loved by everyone, like the ‘Dairy Milk Silk’ rules the romantic vibes, the ‘Celebrations’ rules the festive vibes, and the ‘ThankYou’ version rules the classic gratitude vibes.

Let Us Take A Quick Glimpse At Cadbury Ad Campaigns-

If you are looking forward to making an impact on the audience’s mind just like how Cadbury does, then study their ad campaigns and try to create them for your brand. You can use various ad intelligence tools available in the market to help you with ad management and tracking your competitor’s ad campaigns (including Cadbury’s). I can suggest to you the three best ad management tools-

  • PowerAdSpy
  • Magic Ads
  • Ad Spy

These tools will majorly help you with:

  1. Competitor Ad research
  2. Details regarding your ad campaign performance
  3. Filter by Ad position
  4. Visibility of ad analytics
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  6. Narrow down your searches
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  8. Powerful ad algorithms
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Some Of The Best Cadbury Ad Campaigns-

  1. The Cadbury Celebrations- Festive Vibes: It promotes the festivity vibes like RakshaBandhan celebrating the unconditional love between the brother-sister bond. The video ad lasts for 30 seconds and focuses on festive customs and family sentiments. The brother saves his pocket money to buy Cadbury celebrations for her sister.
  2. Vocal for Local- Not Just a Cadbury Ad: The #vocalforlocal that inspired many people across the world to support and encourage the local small scale businesses post the pandemic crisis 2020, where the small-sized businesses suffered a monetary loss and lack of support.
  3. Power-Up Social Campaigns: Cadbury makes a powerful impression on every social media platform. It engages with its audience actively and maintains a sound social presence.


Cadbury ads have made a mark in the advertising world by connecting with the audience rather than trying their best to sell their products. It can be a winning advert tactic in the long run. After all, the main aim of advertising is to connect with people and convince them to buy and trust your brand. You should start with a unique concept if you want to follow the footsteps of some of the winners of the advert world. Then you can use ad management tools to help you with advertisement research that you will need to create a successful ad campaign, just like Cadbury’s.



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