Fatten Your YouTube Channel With 5 Amazing YouTube Analytics Norms!

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5 min readFeb 5, 2021

We all are aware that YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. It means there is a big possibility (okay, a HUGE probability) that your audience or customers are watching your videos. Everyone uses YouTube for different purposes like education, entertainment, creative ideas, and binge-watching, etc.

If you own an online/retail business and are using YouTube as an advert platform, then you need to be wise enough to make proper use of the metrics for added benefits.

As a YouTuber, have you paid close attention to the metrics of your channel? As to how many people have watched your videos and liked them? The engagement ratio? The overall performance of your content?

Not yet? Then this article will help you understand all the metrics jargon and keep a routine check on it.

Are you wondering why you even need to know all this? Being a YouTuber, this should be your topmost concern unless you are not trying to monetize your videos. The majority of creators are monetizing their content, and for them, it is quintessential to have the YouTube analytics knowledge and work on it.

Utilizing this information, you can grow your YouTube channel and create more engaging videos, being aware of what type of videos get the most engagement on your channel.

Because having a creative idea without a proper strategy will not rock your boat. And we all want to row a long way through our content!

Understanding YouTube Analytic Metrics

YT analytics is a tool that measures the success ratio of your online marketing on YouTube. You can analyze your increasing video likes, dislikes, views, and subscribers.

The YT analytics metrics

The YouTube analytics metrics provide a detailed report regarding the total engagement, audience, overview, and reach.

Getting the Best Out Of Analytic Metrics

If you keep improving the YouTube content, then there is a big chance of getting real success. Hence, Analytics metrics help you track the improvements and tell you what attracts the viewers to your content and what they are not interested in watching.

How Can You Watch YouTube Analytic reports?

To access the YT analytics dashboard, you can follow these steps-

  • Click on your profile picture.
  • Click on YouTube studio.
  • Now, click on analytics.
  • You will see our tabs- reach, audience, engagement, overview.
  • Click on any of the four options for further information.

Let Us Get Into The 5 Powerful Analytics Norms To Grow Your YouTube Channel!

The Subscriber Count: A regular viewer does not get any notifications from your channel, but a subscriber gets notified every time you upload a video. Hence, every creator depends on their subscribers or views and likes. The launch of the bell icon was also an add-on benefit for the creators and the viewers. This metric gives you a detailed list of subscribers that watched your video, including the viewers who are not your subscribers and the number of subscribers you lost and gained after watching your videos.

The Total Watch Time: It is an essential factor for the viewers to get the recommended videos from YouTube. You need to create high engagement quality videos to get maximum views and maintain that engagement level. The Analytic metric keeps a check on the average time spent by a viewer on your videos.

The Audience Retention Information: The audience reach is another vital information for a YouTuber trying to grow his/her social media reach. To gain audience reach, you should try to optimize your content according to your subscribers’ interests and then drive clicks and views. Also, you get to know how long your video holds a viewer’s attention and tracks the exact time of the video where the viewers leave. You can use various editing apps to enhance the video quality to make it more interesting.

The Click-Through Metrics: You can measure the exact audience reach and calculate viewers through your content impressions. You will find a card click-through rate in a pop-up that prompts the viewers to click on it.

Origin Of Traffic Metrics: As you can figure out by the name, these metrics let you know where the traffic gets generated. And provides you all the information, such as-

  • External sources
  • YouTube searches
  • Channel and browsing pages
  • The suggested content/videos

To maintain their engagement ratios, many YouTubers nowadays use different ad management/social media management tools like PowerAdSpy, Buffer, Combin, and Anstrax, etc. These tools are a perfect solution to manage your content on different social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google.

It provides all the data regarding your ads/promotional campaigns and your competitors’ ad campaigns, performance, and reach regularly.

Wrapping Up:

That’s all about the YouTube analytics and metrics that one must know to flourish their channel and gain more subscribers regularly. It’s not impossible to get ahead if you have a hardcore strategy aligning smoothly with your plans and content ideas. YouTube is a great platform to get engaging traffic, so make sure you make the best out of the five before-mentioned metrics.



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