Facebook AR Ads: A Total Game Changer In Advertisement Industry In 2021!

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5 min readMar 9, 2021

There is an immense increase in the number of people getting engaged and interactive with the Augmented reality (AR) daily. The BCG (Boston Consulting Group) has predicted that 80 million-plus users in the USA engage in the AR monthly, and this figure is expected to grow in the coming future.

The AR keeps all the users busy on their devices, but the advertisers can use this technology to create unique Facebook AR ads and keep their audience engaged and entertained. One can create filters for pictures, games, and movies to get the audience engagement in real-time.

What Exactly Are FB AR Ads?

The AR ads appear on the newsfeed allowing the users to check out the AI camera effects of the brand, by clicking on the ads. Additionally, you may also add a CT button within the camera experience to convert the potential users into your customers.

Are you wondering how does it creates engagement within the audience? Well, it lets you try the product virtually before you pay for it. Micheal Kors, a well-known fashion brand, was the first to try out the AR ads for their sunglasses. It let the users try on their sunglasses through the AR technology before buying them.

How Do You Create AR ads?

To create ads, you need to follow-up with these steps-

  • Go to the AR studio networks
  • Facebook will recommend you to choose a partner from the network to make augmented reality filters and effects.
  • The AR studio network is just a group of designs that will help to create filters according to a brand’s requirements.

Why Do Brands Opt For AR Ads?

With the on-going cutthroat marketing approach and strategies, the hunger to be on top and generate leads is getting powerful day by day. The Facebook AR ads are an excellent way to get your audience hooked on your brand page and website.

Here are some solid reasons to adopt the AR technology for advertisements according to to the Facebook survey-

  • Emotional connection with the audience- It is a fact that video ads make a solid impression on audiences than image ads. Above that, AR ads are a top-notch option to connect on a greater level than videos. The audiences can try-on the products virtually for a much personal experience, sitting right in their homes.
  • Stay within the budget- Virtual ads are much more cost-effective than printed or hoarding ads. The brands these days are making use of their digital advertising skills and technology to create much more engaging and creative ads through AR. It is super easy!
  • Fatten your sales- Video and picture ads are too mainstream on Facebook. AR ads excel in the advertising field because of their personalized feature. It can e helpful in grabbing the user’s attention, and you can easily experiment with what works for your brand and what does not.
  • Augment hyperlocal marketing- The AR offers advertisers to hyperlocal their brand as the users get more fascinated by augmented reality ads.

Create AR Ads With AR Studio Network

Here are the simple steps for creating AR ads with the studio network-

  1. Go to the AR studio network hub
  2. Generate a permission group to upload the AR filters that you have created for your brand using the studio network
  3. Design your filters in the network and comply with the policies of the studio network and Facebook.
  4. After making the filters, generate a video using that filter. That video will serve as a preview for that filter and will also show that it meets all the Facebook ad policies
  5. Now, choose the filter from a drop-down list
  6. Upload the selected filter
  7. Select the effect destination (Facebook ads)
  8. Fill the required form before uploading the effect
  9. Select the filter in the ‘ads manager’ after Facebook approves the filter of your brand
  10. Do not forget to update the filter after uploading it.

Do You Wish To Create The AR Ads Of Your Own?

Yes, it is indeed possible! And for doing this a business can take ideas from their competitors ads and implement them on their AR ads to get a boon in your campaign. But you need to follow these basic steps-

  1. Go to the Facebook ads manager and click on ‘create.’
  2. AR ads are supported by brand recognition, influence, traffic, conversion goals.
  3. Click on continue
  4. Select a single image or video option under the format section
  5. Upload the video on the newsfeed
  6. Choose the option to add an instant experience
  7. Choose the option and add AR experience
  8. Then select a template to open the Ad experience window
  9. Select the filter from the dropdown menu, approved by Facebook.
  10. Add the CTA button so that the users can directly be taken to the brand’s website. Also, select the way you want your call-to-action button to appear.
  11. On a mobile device, preview your ads.
  12. Click on ‘done’ from the ads manager.

Understand Important Metrics Of AR Ads

AR ads are a combination of user experience, and video ads metrics that will apply to AR ads.

Such as:

  • The number of clicks on the links to websites or destinations
  • The number of clicks on the ads that open an instant experience
  • Number of times instant experience clicks to start
  • Number of clicks on links that take people off-Facebook owned properties
  • Instant experience view percentage
  • The length of the video and the number of times it has played


The Facebook AR ads are augmenting daily and creating hype amongst the advertisers and brand owners. It is trending like wildfire. In this article, we have mentioned AR advertising in depth. Also, the reason why brands need to adapt it to generate organic leads and conversions.



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