Facebook Ads For E-commerce- 06 Cool Strategies To Help You Boost Your Sales And Increase ROI

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5 min readAug 4, 2020


When we talk about the active promotion of any store online, I am 100% sure you will agree with the fact that whichever marketing channel you use, it is never going to be enough. You will be in a constant need of:

  • Higher conversions to reach your targeted sales.
  • Potential audiences or related traffic to your store!
  • Lastly, a means to improve the repetition of sales from your old customers.

However, you are still hesitant about trying out Facebook ads.

But why?

Well, with almost 2.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook has managed to be the most popular and used social media platform for advertising and promoting products or services. And ignoring Facebook or not advertising your business products or services on this platform could be a tremendous loss for you. You do not want this to happen! Right? Okay, so if you are confused about how to get started with your very first Facebook ads for e-commerce, then continue reading this article.

As here, we will be discussing some of the tactics or tips that would surely help you increase your business traffic and conversions. So, without any break, let us begin with the strategies.

  1. Take the help of compelling product ads!

Well, if your product ads are dynamic, then there will be great chances for you to get the highest ROI for your business. Basically, it can be an excellent opportunity for you to grasp those reluctant customers who have stopped visiting your store by just showing them related ads based on their activities on your site.

Are you confused? Okay, let us go deep into the topic. Given below are some of the points to remember while you get started with creating dynamic ads on Facebook:

  • Make sure you upload your full product list to the Facebook business manager. It should include everything about your products, name, image, and price.
  • Attach a customized customer pixel to your website
  • Set up a compelling template
  • Create a sample product ads

2. Try using multiple product ads!

Using multiple-product ads on Facebook will help you to showcase numerous products at a time in a single advertisement. Given below are some of the benefits you can get from multi-product ads:

  • It will provide your customers with a large number of options from which they can choose one.
  • Multi-product ads will help you boost your conversions. And the more number of related products any of your customers will see, there will be a superb chance for them to buy it.
  • You can even take help of them to display the various benefits for every single product.

3. Do not forget taking the help of the conversion tracking pixel

You even want to target the appropriate audience who are actually interested in your business products & services! Right? So, with the help of conversion tracking pixel, you will be able to get information about all the audiences who have visited your site through your advertising campaign.

Along with monitoring your customer’s response and conversions, FB can even use given information from the conversion pixels to customize your campaigns and thus to build Facebook Lookalike Audiences as well.

4. Run a generic retargeting campaign on Facebook

According to a study, 72% of the people shopping online leave their carts as it is without even buying any product. So, if you will not retarget your customers, then there can be a chance of only 9% of them to return for completing their purchase. However, with the help of retargeting, an online store can get back 30% of the customers to make them finish their shopping.

So, never ever underestimate the power of retargeting customers.

5. Grab new customers with the help of the Facebook lookalike audience

Well, Facebook can literally help you grasp the new customers towards your site with the help of the characteristics of your old customers! Lookalike audiences will instantly help you promote your brand in front of the people who are just the same as your current customers and who are super interested in buying your product or services.

6. Video ads will make you break the records!

We all are aware of the fact that visuals tend to grab higher engagement as compared to an ad or post with no visual! Right? So, if you have decided to run Facebook ads for e-commerce business, make sure to opt for videos in your marketing approach. Wait, before you begin, keep these small points in your mind:

  • The video should be short, eye-catchy, and to the point.
  • The title of the video should be displayed carefully. And CTA should be inserted at the correct time.
  • The message/story you want to convey must be easy to understand with or without any audio.
  • Try to add niche related keywords to your video.


Now, what do you think about Facebook ads for e-commerce? Ready to dive into the Facebook marketing world? Ready to launch your very first online store? Yes, I know you might be super excited to get started with your e-commerce website too. Hopefully, through this article, we have illustrated all the vital strategies, or you can also say tips to make your marketing experience a lot happier. So, what are you waiting for? Start boosting your conversions and improving your ROI right now.



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