Facebook Ad Spy Tool: How To Track Your Competitors?

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4 min readSep 27, 2022

Spy software is utterly significant in the world of social media platforms. Social media platforms are now widely used on a global scale. Marketers use such tools to check best-performing ads on social media. While learning from those adverts, helps them to gain more insights on how to improve their own marketing.

Additionally, you might be looking at the advertisements of your competitors as well as any others that appear on different social networks. Such analysis is meant to determine what helps other businesses compete more successfully.

Do many people believe that is the purpose of the Facebook ad spy tool? Here is the response to your query. To know the correct analysis of what your rivals are doing and how they are successfully utilizing social media advertisements in their businesses, what you need is a Facebook ad spy.

It not only displays social media ad content but also shows you the analytical details following which you can optimize your own marketing campaign.

What is precisely an ad spy tool?

Ad Spy Tools precisely show you what your competitors are doing and how they are successfully using social advertisements in their businesses. It’ll demonstrate everything, including the advertising text, audience lists, and targeting strategies that have proven successful for their company. It helps you to make winning ads that will lead you to generate Return On Investment (ROI).

Also, brands may utilize the right tools to get insider information on the Facebook Ad Campaigns of their competitors. Several programs claim to be the finest when you search for the best Ads Spy tool. The brand must first determine what metrics or insights to seek before using any of these solutions.

Now let’s jump into the ways to keep an eye on your competitors.

How to Track Your Competitors:

Track Your Competitors

Tracking your competitors is not an easy task. For this, some marketers also use tools that reduce their extra efforts. Here we are mentioning seven ways that how can you analyze your competitors:

1. Facebook Ad Library:

Some people don’t know that Facebook launched its ad library in 2019 for everyone, including those who don’t have Facebook.

Here you can see every single ad currently running on their platform.

In the Facebook ad library, just enter the name of the biggest competitors and you will find currently running ads.

Let’s take the example of Nike, which is a huge brand that already has traffic on Facebook.

If we put the name “Nike” on the Facebook ad library, it will show roughly 11,000 different ads running on the page US alone. That is mind blown to a marketer.

2. Facebook Ad Spying Tools:


The Facebook Ad Spy Tool can help you understand what your competitors are doing with their ads. You can conduct a brief study of all their adverts and ensure that you require your performance to help you surpass them.

You can look at their landing pages to learn more about how they ordered their pages and what they marked. You have a general idea before using it in your business.

Many technologies give your competitors’ backend access to understand how they spend their advertising budget.

3. Twitter Ad Transparency:

Twitter is distinct because of its text-length restrictions. As a result, Twitter ads are frequently more similar to traditional display ads than, say, Facebook ads.

If you want to spy on your competitors, there is an incredible tool you can use to do so.

It’s known as Twitter Ads Transparency.

This tool is excellent for learning about your competitors’ social media strategies.

Simply use the search box in the upper right corner to get started!

4. SimilarWeb:

What good is an ad campaign if you don’t know where to put it?

This hack is a research tool that will assist you in determining this.

It includes a premium alternative, but in the free version, you will get some interesting insights into your competition.

Simply go to similarweb.com and enter one of your competitors’ URLs.

Similarweb is a web traffic analysis tool that works best on major websites with a lot of traffic. So choose the largest brands in your industry to receive the finest data.

5. Deactivate your Ad blocker:

This foremost tip is more common sense than a hack.

You must be able to see your competitors’ adverts if you want to know what they look like

An actuality is that most of your opponents are running retargeting — and you can benefit from this.

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Hopefully, this article helped you get started.

However, wrong research and analysis led to poor Facebook advertising results. Regardless, the Facebook ad spy tool might help you succeed with your advertising since it will show you what’s popular right now on social media.



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