Be A Sharp-Witted Marketer In 2021, With Facebook Competitors Analysis Tool!

Competitors Analysis

Reasons To Track Competitors On Facebook

  • Tracing your individual KPIs is necessary, but understanding where your competitors are and how they are improving can support you to see whether your improvement is mediocre, comprehensive, or inadequate.
  • It is more beneficial to study from your rival’s errors. You will be able to prevent making them and enhance your marketing policy.
  • Apprehending your competitor’s Facebook commercials, their customer’s feedback, and the demands and obstacles they have is helpful. This report will help you improve your product and customize your consumer support strategy to continue leading your competitors.

How To Pick The Best Competitor Analysis Tool?

  • It must identify your rivals on Facebook
  • If your competitors are not on Facebook, then the tools must identify their other social media handles and campaigns
  • It must show their strategies and performance reports by checking their ads and the total audience engagement (number of likes, comments, and shares).
  • It must display how well they are using Facebook for targeting its audience
  • Apart from your rivals, the tools must also show your ad campaign performance of how well/bad they perform.

Steps To Conduct Facebook Competitor Analysis

  1. Firstly, let the Facebook Competitor analysis tool analyze your official website. The analysis tool will recommend some relevant keywords according to your products and the level of engagement. It will display the average number of searches regularly and the number of organizations in your opposition.
  2. Focus on some keywords related to your niche of the products/services.
  3. Google the keywords, and you will get a list of competitors, including those who pay to Google for ads to be on top (mostly, they do not have a great search engine ranking, but it is worth it for you to check out their other strategies, as well).
  4. Keep an eye on the other brands that your target audience follows. You can follow these steps to get the information-
  • Go to the Facebook Insights
  • Scroll to the Pages section
  • Go to the People connected to on your Facebook page.
  • Select the page liked option from the top menu
  • It might show some companies that share a similar interest. This is the list of your business competitors!
  • Now that you have a list- try to narrow it down and keep those companies on the priority list with a similar niche to your business.
  • Collect the information and study it.

Some Of The Most Trending And Trusted Analysis Tools For 2021


  • Displays your advertisements for your competitors so that you can bookmark the ads that you prefer.
  • Facilitates the users to check out ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. It works safely and organically for all the platforms.
  • Search for ads using PowerAdSpy 10x times faster with Elasticsearch feature (open-source full-text search engine).
  • This tool offers some exceptional filters to uncover ads such as Ad position, CTA, language, country, Ad type, age, etc.
  • There are three different filters that you can use to sort the advertisements — Keywords, Domain, and Advertisers. Also, you can search them according to the date, time, comments, likes.
  • Search for keywords based on the Html page


  • Find the most engaging content of your competitors on Facebook.
  • Check out which are the new type of contents that the target audience prefers watching
  • Get the most shared content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, or an aggregate value of all channels.
  • It neatly complements Google Trends by reporting on stories trending across social channels.
  • Find out social media influencers
  • Set up real-time monitoring

Hootsuite Streams

  • Allows you to view multiple streams at once and monitor what customers are saying.
  • You can post updates, read responses, schedule messages, view statistics, and much more.
  • You can post updates, review responses, and connect with your customer base on over thirty-five popular social networks
  • Schedule messages over all your favorite social media platforms in advance.
  • View analytics data regularly
  • Inspect consumer questions in one single place without having to check various social media sites.
  • Allows you to combine multiple team members to the social media accounts of your choice, enabling you to see first-hand who is posting what data and who has scheduled posts

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