A Quick Peek Of Facebook Turbo Ad Finder Alternatives Available Right Now

Just like every renowned social networking site, Facebook also allows advertisers to plan campaigns, execute ideas, and proceed further in promotion.

And, due to the overgrowing population on Facebook, marketers undergoes cutthroat competition while trying to attain success. If you are a concerned marketer, then you must know about the perks of using tools designed for Facebook marketing.

FB Turbo Ad Finder is also among the popular names that rotate among professional brands. By the end of 2019, this tool has crossed almost 20,000 verified users, which is undoubtedly a huge achievement. Anyone can easily get to know about Turbo Ad finder either in information-based search engines, or on visual platforms such as YouTube. Keeping in mind the overall coup of Turbo Ad Finder, we should recognize this as a powerful tool.

Turbo Ad Finder Stopped Working?

We are here to uncover behind the curtain facts in order to determine what information is indeed correct and which one is merely a rumor. Since the last update on Turbo Finder on 11th of December, 2019, this tool began creating issues, and that eventually affected its rising demands among businesses.

Once issues began, a lot of rumors also went viral across the business world. For instance, you can install the Turbo Ad Finder, but it doesn’t accept advertisements while running. By this, people misunderstood things, and most of them even claimed that Turbo is no longer available.

Yes, this ad collection tool creates troubles when used for a long duration. However, some users are still utilizing it. Hence, mixed reactions can be seen everywhere.

Two Excellent Fb Turbo Ad Finder Alternatives


PowerAdspy is a robust ad-intelligence software that provides solutions to all levels of business, media buyers, marketers, advertising bodies, etc. The software aims at making brands capable of performing better or equal to their competitors.

PowerAdSpy comes in two forms, that is website and extension on chrome. Its features and abilities keep on updating with time, making it a finer tool. In a nutshell, the functionality of this powerful tool sums up in three steps such as:-

Pricing and Plans-

Free Plan- $0 per month.

Basic- $49 per month.

Standard- $99 per month.

Premium- $ 149 per month.

Platinum- $249 per month

Titanium- $299 per month.

Palladium- $349 per month.

Note:- PowerAdSpy has lately announced a flat 50% off on yearly plans for every new user. The offer will last until the end of festive seasons, mainly black Friday and Cyber Sunday.


BigSpy is another great Facebook ad-intelligence cum ads collection tool that resembles most of the features of PowerAdSpy. Based on the recent statistics, BigSpy acquires approximately 1 billion advertising databases, making itself a prominent handy tool for serious marketers.

After significant updates, BigSpy no longer recommends ads automatically. Instead, users need to research according to their particular niche or industry their business falls in. It also embraces various unique abilities that you can find through checking out the website.

Pricing and Plans-

Free- $0/month

Basic- $9/month

Pro- $99/month

Elite- $399/month

Features differ as per plans. Therefore, marketers must spend a good chunk of time finding out what exactly a business needs. If not, then they might end up picking up the poison.

The company hasn’t yet rolled out any special offers for festive seasons. We expect the same in the upcoming weeks, though.

Sneak Peek Of turbo ad finder’s Features-

Wrapping Up

Fb Turbo Ad Finder doesn’t work nowadays. So, it’s a good bet to go for alternatives and choose an appropriate one. We hope you will be able to make a sound decision after reading the description in this article.



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