A Complete Guide on Mobile Advertising.

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4 min readAug 8, 2020

Smart mobile phones have replaced the desktop, laptops, and even tablets these days. And why not, if one can get all the things in a small handy gadget then, why anyone would go for huge devices.

This transition from computers to laptops has taken the whirlwind of

changes in the entire advertising industry, and thus made mobile advertising as one of the main pillars of online marketing.

To generate awareness about this advertising format and to solve marketers’ issues, we have designed this great article, where you will get to know things related to the mobile ad, its types, its advantages, and a lot more.

So let’s get started!

What is mobile marketing?

Advertising your products or services, using any advertisement format that mobile supports is known as mobile marketing.

That format can be SMS, MMS, Social media ads, multimedia messages (MMS), voicemails, calls, missed call notifications, and a lot more.

Thus it is one of the smartest approaches taken by the bright marketers to reach their audience, who are 24/7 glued with their mobile phones.

What are the benefits of mobile marketing?

  1. One of the principal advantages of mobile marketing is, you can reach your audience anytime and anywhere in the world, without any restrictions( Provided they have signal in their phones).
  2. Through mobile marketing, you can reach people and talk one to one with them. It will help you to observe them with more closeness and hence can target them to convert more easily.
  3. Since people always carry their mobile phones along with them and check it out frequently, the probability that people will access your ads will increase.
  4. Mobile marketing has increased the potential of sharing. It is because here you can share the ad very smoothly just by clicking on the share button and then by choosing the media for sharing it.
  5. Marketing with mobile ads requires a much less amount of money as compared to TV commercial ads, banner ads, and a lot more.

What are the best formats of mobile advertising?

  • Banner ads.

Banner ads are one of the oldest yet the most effective formats of mobile advertising, which appears either in the top or bottom of the mobile screen in a very conventional way.

Since this ad format allows quite a small area to showcase the ad, advertisers must use it in a very effective way so that they can introduce viewers about their brand, along with the product/services they want to sell.

  • Native ads

The main motive behind creating this ad format is, to present ads that actually don’t look like an ad. So that the viewer will think of it as an organic piece of information, and will visit it definitely.

As it sounds, this ad format is designed logically, so that it gets merged with the environment of its surroundings and mimics like the original app or media in which it is displayed.

According to a survey, it is one of the best ways to let viewers know about your brand.

  • Video ads

You generally meet video ads when you open a mobile application and don’t resist yourself to see it till the end( required it is captivating, short, and relatable) right?

Of course, video ads are one of the most famous and convertible forms of advertising. What you only need is to create an eye-popping, short, and sensible ad for your product or services and then serve it to your audience. Though it requires a good amount of money, it also has the power to engage users and also to convert them into potential buyers.

Most importantly, video ads provide you to reach your customers without any change of misconception and misunderstanding.

Wrapping words:

Rich in engaging and converting visitors, mobile advertising has created a new boom in the world of advertising. Regardless of the size and span, every company is moving a step towards this marketing format.

Well, if you still haven’t put your best foot forward, probably it is the high time to enter this world and give a kick start to your brand’s advertising.

So let’s not wait any more, if you don’t want to be called as an outdated marketer.



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