7 Techniques To Find Best Ads For Your Campaigns!

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4 min readApr 26, 2021

Being an online or a digital marketer, it isn’t wrong to say that you spend a lot of time advertising in different mediums. More than that, they need to find best ads relevant to their niche to target the correct audience for better engagement. Marketers in this line know how to do so, but for newbies, it becomes quite difficult. They are completely unaware of the correct way of finding the best ads on Facebook. The best ad includes:

  • Compelling CTA text
  • Attractive landing page
  • Benefits you for a long time
  • Engage viewers and grab more likes and comments
  • Target their best audience
  • Good content, and more.


Finding an advertisement as per your niche can be a challenging but interesting task. But, searching and picking the best Facebook ads for eCommerce campaign isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Rather, you should know what key factors make an advertisement the best ad. But, if you are still unaware, let’s begin:


Headlines play a significant role in ads, as it depicts what the ad is about and make the viewers understand it easier. So, when you see an eye-catching headline you can choose that ad, as advertisements with attractive titles, work best.


A Call-To-Action button gathers more conversion rates as compared to any other thing. Choose the ad with the most appropriate CTA(your kind of niche), and you will get a list of best results on your campaign.



Choose an ad that is trending on not only just one platform but over social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The more popular the ad is, the more benefit you get.


Images play a great role in the world of advertising, but while selecting the best ad, make sure that the image describes the ad well, or at least is relevant to the content.


Keywords are a set of phrases that advertisers use to target the audience for their online business. So, to find ad using keywords, opt for an ad intelligence software, like PowerAdSpy, which can filter and find best ads for you. You can get some more benefits like:

  • Find relevant ads for your niche
  • Get detailed analytics of the ads
  • View ads on desktop and mobile
  • You can get the information about your competitors
  • Download competitor landing pages, etc.

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How do the best ads look like? Here are some examples:


eCommerce platforms like Amazon host event ads to boost their sales at seasonal times. As a result, they add eye-catching images and CTA buttons, like strong language or texts that compels clicks.


The video ad demonstrates how their product works and provides comfort to their clients. Not only this, but the CTA buttons states that they offer 150+ designs to their customers, which actually attracts the eyeballs of the viewers.


The ad begins with a piece of music and advertises their brand explaining how the deodorants are organic. The best part is, the video ad is engaging enough to attract the audience. The CTA button attracts clicks by displaying the “show now” button.


The ad is about a task management tool that uses the photo ad format. The rainbow colors used in the text with the black background look eye-catching. Along with this, the CTA button engages the audience with the “Learn More” option.


Advertisers searching wine-related ads can jump on this one, as it depicts a sweet and short retargeting ad. It looks really appealing and can play a huge role for wine lovers. The ad even specifies 3 bottles for $19, which eventually works as the best deal.


So, this is how you can find best ads on Facebook hassle-free. For freshers in the field, we even mentioned some of the best ad examples too. But, if you still find it difficult, go for the best ad intelligence software!



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