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4 min readAug 6, 2020

Roll- Camera- Action!

Every company wants to reach the heart of their audience and mark their presence through video ads. And why not, after all, the conversion rate of video ads is much bigger than any other form of advertisement.

So, the question is, if videos are worth more than other ad forms, then why most of the companies are still not grabbing this opportunity.

Well, the reason behind this is, they don’t have green, crispy dollars in their pocket to hire a videographer, rent a studio, and buy high tech- instruments.

If the above scenario sounds like your one, then don’t worry. Because we are here with one of the best alternatives to video ads, and that is Facebook Slideshow ads.

So let’s begin the journey.

What does a slideshow ad mean?

Slideshow ads by Facebook are one of the best alternatives to video ads.

So basically, it is a type of ad where by using still images, along with the effects such as sound, slowmo, texts, and a lot, you can create a quality ad for your brand.

According to research, this ad type is capable of making a video-sized influence over the audience without spending one-fourth amount one has to invest in making HD quality videos.

It is because here you only need good quality images and an internet connection to run Facebook ad manager. And thus by accumulating all, you can create your own slideshows ranging between 5 to 55 seconds.

Now the question arises, how can one make slideshow ads?

This section of the article is for those who haven’t created any slideshow ads yet.

So readers, open Facebook ad manager in another tab and follow the step by step process.

Step 1: Select the objective to create slideshow ads.

Before starting any work, you should know your objective behind doing it. The thing is the same with creating slideshow ads also. Slideshow ads also, provide a lot of goals, to the advertisers, for instance:

  1. Promote a page.
  2. Reach people near your business.
  3. Increase brand awareness.
  4. Collect leads for your business.
  5. Increase your reach and a lot more.

So, first of all, you have to set your goal behind creating your slideshow ad.

Step 2: Select the audience for your ad.

Facebook focuses a lot on targeting an audience. Hence, here also, before making slideshow ads for yourself, you have to select your audience.

Age, location, area of interest, income, gender are some of the parameters you can set to target your audience.

Step 3: Select placement.

Facebook allows its users to showcase their Facebook slideshow ads on other platforms also.

Once you select Automatic Placements, Facebook will showcase your ad to all those platforms, where its chances to earn engagement is high. On the other hand, if you select Edit placements, you can yourself choose the platforms where you want to popup your ads.

But, one thing you must keep in mind is, selection of placements depends on the format and objectives of the ad too.

Step 4: Select your budget:

It is the step where you have to select how much you have to pay for your slideshow ads to appear.

It is the amount of money you have to pay to Facebook. You can do it, either on a daily basis or for a lifetime.

Step 5: Select an ad format.

It is the step where you will get different ad formats provided by Facebook. For instance, Carousel ads, single image, single video, canvas, and slideshow ad.

Here you have to select slideshow ads.

Step 6: Select the means.

Once you select the option of slideshow ads, you have to choose the media, through which you want to create your ad.

  1. If you want only images with text in your slideshow, you can choose pictures.
  2. If you want the combination of pictures and videos along with text, you can opt for “picture + videos”.
  3. And, if you require only text to appear on your ad, then opt for the text option.

Wrapping words:

It’s high time where a marketer who is lagging behind their competitors due to video advertising campaigns can gain momentum in their advertising by creating beautiful Facebook slideshow ads for their brand.

So, why to wait if you have the opportunity to win the situation. Let’s start the vehicle and cross your rival.



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