6 Steps And Your Facebook Slideshow Ad Is Ready!

What does a slideshow ad mean?

Now the question arises, how can one make slideshow ads?

Step 1: Select the objective to create slideshow ads.

  1. Promote a page.
  2. Reach people near your business.
  3. Increase brand awareness.
  4. Collect leads for your business.
  5. Increase your reach and a lot more.

Step 2: Select the audience for your ad.

Step 3: Select placement.

Step 4: Select your budget:

Step 5: Select an ad format.

Step 6: Select the means.

  1. If you want only images with text in your slideshow, you can choose pictures.
  2. If you want the combination of pictures and videos along with text, you can opt for “picture + videos”.
  3. And, if you require only text to appear on your ad, then opt for the text option.

Wrapping words:



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