2021’s Brief Guide To Native Ad Networks

What Are Native Ads?

Why Go For Native Ads?

  1. Customers look at native ads approx. 54% more than they do it for the display ads.
  2. Native advertisements build more than 19% improvement in the buying intent and generate a 10% higher brand affinity than the banner ads do.
  3. Not to mention, native content engagement is found to be on par with or, in some cases, slightly higher than standard editorial content engagement.
  4. Native advertisements have excellent success with all mobile platforms.
  5. Click-through rates remain higher than of those typical ads.
  6. It fights with ad fatigue.

What Makes Native Ads Different From Search, Social Media, Or Banner Ads?

The Native Ad Improvement Process’s basics are based on these two steps:

1. Get Good Clicks

2. Get More Conversions On Those Clicks

Time To Wrap It Up!



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