2021’s Brief Guide To Native Ad Networks

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5 min readFeb 3, 2021

Over the past few years, we have literally seen a constant decline in the efficiency of traditional advertising attempts. And it is due in part to improving uncertainty on the part of the readers but also because of the general ad exhaustion, whereby the readers have become so habitual to being exposed to that they are no longer receptive to ads.

Well, gone are those days when a normal banner ad used to gain a large number of customers engagements. And it even makes good sense! Isn’t it?

Assuming you are surfing the internet, what you might be looking for is either some memes or source of entertainment or might be seeking an exact solution to your queries! Right? Suppose an ad pops up while you were about to watch something super entertaining or some exciting news about the Big Boss S14 Weekend Ka Vaar! What will be your reaction? Obviously, you might get annoyed! And of course, you would never click on such ads that just made your entire mood disgusting.

Although the ad is related to your search activities, the fact is, it just interrupted you while you were watching something! In short, it could make your opinion even worse about the brand that interrupted your ‘Me Time’ on the internet. But as a brand owner or businessman, who wants this to happen with their product or service? No one, right!

Thus, this is where the native ad comes in. Guess what? It actually works! And to clear your doubts on how, why, and what about Native ads, we came up with this article. Here we are going to cover a quick, short guide about Native Ad Networks!

What Are Native Ads?

Native ads are not exactly new! However, it has risen in importance and economic significance. To help you know in detail, Native is said to be the ‘Crown Prince’! It is the all-new mantra that you might have often heard when it comes to advertising online.

It is actually said to be the use of paid ads that pair with the look, function, and feed of the media format in which they appear. Native advertisements are basically found in social media feeds or as suggested content on any web page.

Unlike banner ads or display ads, native ads do not actually seem to be like an advertisement. They seem to be part of the editorial stream of the page. In a nutshell, native ads are non-disruptive: It makes the readers exposed to advertising content without having to stick out like a sore thumb.

Why Go For Native Ads?

  1. Customers look at native ads approx. 54% more than they do it for the display ads.
  2. Native advertisements build more than 19% improvement in the buying intent and generate a 10% higher brand affinity than the banner ads do.
  3. Not to mention, native content engagement is found to be on par with or, in some cases, slightly higher than standard editorial content engagement.
  4. Native advertisements have excellent success with all mobile platforms.
  5. Click-through rates remain higher than of those typical ads.
  6. It fights with ad fatigue.

What Makes Native Ads Different From Search, Social Media, Or Banner Ads?

Newbies to Native ads will get to know that there are way more methods and strategies to become profitable that really takes some practice and patience. And if you are brand new to this line, then understanding how Native Ad Networks place ad locations across properties or sites will really help you know what works the best for the campaign you are going to run. The vital native ad spy tool for making native ads work for you are targeting your campaigns by site or widget and knowing how to improve engagement.

The Native Ad Improvement Process’s basics are based on these two steps:

1. Get Good Clicks

Well, this means ensuring you are spending for traffic that can ultimately drive you towards a sale. And ignoring networks and traffic sources which may bring you fake (bot) traffic or depending on sources that have the public known for producing low CTR’s.

It also means providing your potential audience with the right creative images and text to get clicks, but also to explain to them everything about your product or service. Remember, getting clicks should not be the only goal of yours, instead, you want to prequalify your potential audience with eye-catching photos and creative text.

2. Get More Conversions On Those Clicks

Now, this where your landing page comes into action! Collect all of your content creation and selling skills and thus combine them to make virtual sales. Pin it or add it on your sticky notes, but this is going to be the last, and the only chance you will get to convert that click into a sale.

One of the best strategies everyone can utilize when getting started is to keep your focus on getting a satisfying amount of clicks, then redo your campaigns to make conversions on those clicks.

Time To Wrap It Up!

Native Ad Networks are an excellent tactic that can actually bring an enormous change in the advertisement industry. And this is so because these are the all-new favorite ad type for all the marketers and businesses out there that helps them make their content displayed on any social media platform without making their audience annoyed. We hope this quick-short, get-to-go guide helps you in all ways.



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