05 Fantastic Facebook Marketing Tool to Research Ads like Ad Finder

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4 min readNov 9, 2020


Every marketer wants to make the most out of their Facebook marketing campaign, yet they often face countless challenges in their way. While most of them struggle to find out the exact ways to improve visibility for their ads, a large portion of their group has accurate plans in hand, but they don’t have enough money and resources to initiate.

Well, it’s not a big deal for a top-fortune company to implement valuable tools and make their campaigns run smoothly. On the other hand, organizations working with the shoe-string budget can’t afford to invest even in an ad finder online tool.

Thus to help you all, we are going to discuss the top five strategies that will juice up your advertising campaign on Facebook. So, let’s start without wasting any time around.

Tool#1- PowerAdSpy for Facebook Management

With this compelling Facebook Ads management tool, you can dive among thousands of best ad copies relevant to your brand. Moreover, the tool helps marketers in snooping their competitors’ most-engaging ads on Facebook. The facility of free trial often collects a good chunk of applause from the people since they don’t need to share credit card details while claiming their free trial. Poweradspy aims at growing all-sized businesses, so it opens up with reasonable pricing plans, including a free plan for brands that work under limited advertising budgets. It’s comprehensive dashboard still functions as an ad finder for many brands. Click here to know more.

Tool#2- DrumUp

We know how painful it is to search out and obtain share-worthy content for your Facebook feed. Now, with DrumUp, you can check out content and plan content to publish later. It’s a free tool that can evaluate stories in your niche, allot ranking for them, and then list them to make them shareable for your brand. It’s quite easy to get started with this valuable tool. All you need is to suggest relevant keywords and let the tool search alluring stories. Apart from the content, DrumUp also provides information about prime time for your Facebook posts.

Tool#2- Canva

Canva is a renowned free/paid designing tool that lets you create customized ads according to the ongoing trend. The tool will ease up your ad creation process with its thousands of templates, Facebook page covers, and post ideas. As soon as you choose a perfect template, then step forward to add text, make necessary changes to make your ads worth posting on Facebook.

For those who have zero skills in designing, Canva offers a ‘Design school’ that comprises thousands of tutorials for helping people in creating social media content.

Tool#3- Whatagraph

Whatagraph is another top-notch Facebook marketing tool that is getting overwhelming popularity with time. Due to its exceptional feature of delivering deep analysis of Facebook ads and ad performance for improved outcomes. You can also get a lot of recommendations for increasing engagement on your posts to attain desired goals.

The best part, this tool doesn’t ask for users’ personal information in order to give access to anyone. It’s just a matter of minutes for Whatagraph to give a valid suggestion for your website simply by adding a Page URL to it.

Tool#5- Timeline Contest Manager

A proficient marketer knows that contest and giveaways are the most dependable means of accumulating engagement on a Facebook profile without much effort. Whereas, organizing a sound contest is worth comparing to a nightmare. In this context, the Timeline contest manager empowers your existing skills and assists in planning a perfect contest for your audience/potential audience. In addition to the tool’s abilities, don’t forget to add details and precise information related to your business that clear all kinds of doubts (if it resides among audiences).

Wrapping Words

The world of Facebook has always been competitive, and it’s going to be more arduous with time. So, marketers must set up strategies that are effective enough to work for a long duration. We hope that these brief suggestions of Facebook marketing or best ads finder tools help out savvy marketers to recreate themselves as successful advertisers.



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