04 Creative Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Advertising Campaigns This Black Friday

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4 min readNov 17, 2020

Online businesses and retailers have been waiting eagerly for the two biggest festive shopping days — Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

If you own an online business, then these big days are like golden opportunities for you to boost up sales by setting up results-oriented advertising campaigns. While this season brings a bunch of opportunities, the same also raises several challenges for marketers to stand out from the overwhelming competition.

Regardless of how old your campaign is, we have these 04 unique ideas that will drive quality traffic to your website and thus help you in setting up the best advertising campaigns. Come on! Let’s check them out.

Black Friday — What Does It Mean?

Black Friday is a public holiday in the USA, which is followed by American Thanksgiving. In other words, this day inaugurates a shopping season that goes on till the new year. Throughout this period, retailers plan worthwhile strategies to entice buyers online, and offline as well.

Right from black Friday to cyber Monday, a four-day event begins with the aim of making promotions basically among targeted audiences. Even though fair prices have been decided for this season, brands roll out various alluring schemes, discounts, and offers that change almost every day.

Keep in mind that none of the marketers is liable to follow any set of rules for Black Friday promotions. So, this is a good bet for brands to follow desired master plans for an excellent outcome.

Now, Have A Look At Marketing Ideas

Limited Deals

You might have heard about ‘an hour deal’ or ads that say, “Deal Ends in….. (a specific time)”. Such deals encourage customers 10 times more than normal ads. Instead of revealing sales in advance, announce them at the last hour in the form of a surprise.

For instance, when any business allows flat 50% off on products and that too for limited hours, interested folks would go insane and hunt for useful items. Marketers turn out creative here, and they draft homepage just for the sake of unique deals.

Make Gift Guides

Gift guides help buyers to save their time and effort by providing them with separate sections where they could find suitable gifts. Besides easing up the search process, the gifts guide also shed some extra light on your offers, thus increasing the overall sales in advertising campaigns.

Newbie customers often get confused while picking out favourite gifts from the bulk of options accumulated at one place. Whereas, when they get alternatives like “Gifts for someone special”, “Gifts for friends”, “Gifts for him/her” and so on, things become straightforward.

Bonus Points Or Free Gifts

Allowing people to collect points later on buying products from your store is also a clever idea to lure more audiences. We understand that marketers undergo an extremely busy schedule, but spending little time on popular campaigns has many upsides.

We have checked out some renowned brands, and all of them add free gifts on nearly every product. Following their footprints, you can also attach free gifts at least with a few expensive commodities because the word “FREE” itself is sufficient to make buyers go crazy. Based on budget, select products, and then proceed further.

Extend The Sale Period

An innovative yet effective idea for the growing Black Friday campaign is an extension of sales up to Cyber Monday. If we look 05–10 years back, Black Friday was alone used to be marketers’ target, which now keeps rolling until Cyber Monday ends.

By doing so, your business will keep on earning profit and also leads for upcoming campaigns. We know that Black Friday is more famous than Cyber Monday. Therefore, give a better focus on this festival first. Once it ends, plan things accordingly and extend the ongoing sale.

You can even mention slogans over the ad such as Early Black Friday Sale.


The list of black Friday marketing ideas is broad. Summing up things in a single post remains challenging for us. We hope these four hacks are of value for your advertising campaigns and let you make the most out of business since the festive period is about to begin.



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